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Are you looking for a motion design agency where real professionals work?

Then you should pay attention to our company. Magic Innovations is a motion design studio capable of offering a variety of services to today’s clients in various business and entertainment industries.

Our motion graphics agency – new opportunities for you.

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The list of our services is multifaceted. We have made sure that customers can choose what suits their needs. Pay attention to:

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Animated commercials

This is a great opportunity to show potential customers the benefits of your product. Our experts will develop and translate into reality such videos that will be convincing, spectacular and interesting. This is content that can grab attention. He is noticed and remembered.

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Stage shows

This applies to private and public events. We will make graphics based on the theme and scenario. Our motion graphics company has a lot of experience in this and knows how to convey what you want to convey to your viewer.

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Media Facade

Content for the facade will help to present a cultural project or business in a spectacular and effective way in front of people. Depending on the specifics of the event, we can select the content that will be optimal for you.

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Architectural and interior 3D mapping

The first option is suitable for a city festival, show, performance for a mass audience. The second option is well suited for events that are held indoors. For example, it could be an art gallery.

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Projection on the table and on the water

On such surfaces, you can well demonstrate what you want to convincingly convey to the audience.

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360 degree projection

Here it is possible to achieve the effect of complete immersion, thanks to which you can surprise the viewer.

Combined solutions are also possible, which combine several technologies. There are other services as well. Our experts will tell you more about them and help you choose the option that will be best for you.

Motion graphics studio Magic Innovations

Our studio is a team of like-minded people who are well versed in their business. We use modern motion graphics services to achieve good results.

Our advantages are:

  • Great experience. We have completed many successful projects. Our experts worked with projects of various subjects and formats. This gives us the ability to navigate popular customer requests. But we are not afraid of what may be new to us.
  • Creative approach. Our specialists love their work very much. We start every new project with inspiration. We like it when clients are satisfied with the result of work. It inspires us to move on and improve my skills.
  • Favorable prices. Our team provides customers with a loyal pricing policy. You can cooperate with us on favorable terms.

Contact us, and we will do our best to make you satisfied with the result. The list of our services is wide. The professionalism of our team has been appreciated by many clients. We use modern technological solutions to help your business. We also strive to do everything in order to provide unforgettable events to those who organize them. We will select the creative solution that will optimally complement the scenario of the event.

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