Hologram on water

Projection on water is an original solution for areas with a swimming pool or the possibility to install a water screen. The holographic effect, which is created by the invisibility of the screen, makes digital objects as realistic as possible. This is an excellent alternative to real objects, which will not waste resources on transportation and installation. Such a projection will be an excellent addition to the festive program, causing your guests unprecedented surprise and delight, as well as a spectacular way to present your business.

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Magic Innovations

Our Works

We create projections in the pool or on the water screen of various types, creating a holographic effect (digital objects seem very due to the invisibility of the screen). Examples of such works can be seen below.

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Waterscreen projection by Magic-Innovation

Water screen/water show

3d water projection is a modern solution for organizing events. 3d water screen makes it possible to show the audience an unforgettable show and make a wonderful impression on them. The holographic projection effect allows you to achieve a realistic look of digital objects. Thus, reality is complemented by a digital projection. This technology is optimal for shows using a pool or water screen of various types. Any good creative idea can be realized in a park where there are such objects. This also applies to private estates with a swimming pool. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday at home or just have an unforgettable party in your private cottage, waterfall projection screen is a good solution.

Technology benefits

If a water screen is involved in the design of a hologram, an interesting visual effect is obtained. Water screen projection allows you to “revive” digital objects, giving them realism. Therefore, to make a show, you do not need to transport large and heavy props. There is no need to buy it. You can just use water projection mapping. Moreover, you will achieve an unusual effect that will pleasantly surprise the audience.

Water hologram projection makes it possible not to limit the imagination of the event organizers. You will be able to implement an interesting and modern show. It will keep the attention of the audience and leave a good impression.

Modern creative ideas – for you

Projection mapping water opens up a wide range of ideas for the implementation of a contemporary cultural program. You can choose the plot of the show according to the theme of the event. For example, it could be:

  • Birthday of an adult or child.
  • An entertaining children’s show.
  • A small theatrical production that is combined with multimedia elements.
  • Private party with relatives or friends.
  • Corporate party.
  • Entertainment part of any other event.

Our team consists of specialists who provide this service. Contact us and tell us about the event you are preparing. We will integrate water hologram projection into the program.

Surprise your guests. Such a show will not leave them indifferent. The use of water screen projection will provide an unforgettable holiday. Anniversaries, children’s birthdays and a theme party will leave good memories for a long time. We know how to choose the theme of a holographic show for the scenario of your event.

Do you want a modern and dynamic show?

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