Interior 3D Mapping

Interior 3D mapping is a great opportunity to transform any room, stylizing it to match the theme of the event. Paintings, sculptures, and other exhibition objects can be supplemented with projection installations, fully revealing the content laid down by the author, as well as beneficially presenting a product or business.

Overlaying realistic animations and detailed images on real objects will attract a wide audience, evoke strong emotions and create a special atmosphere that every visitor experiences. The use of computer graphics and modern equipment will allow you to use resources rationally because construction work and decor in such cases are minimized.

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Magic Innovations

Our Works

We create small-sized projection installations (wall with a relief, sculpture, decoration), most often indoors. Such installations effectively decorate the space, attracting attention and keeping the guest busy watching the action.
Examples of such work can be seen below.

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Multimedia installation and content for the Lviv Oceanarium

Our team has created all engineering, technical designs and content for all zones for the oceanarium.

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3d Mapping for Huawei

3d Mapping installation at the Huawei exhibition. The creation of scenery, video content and the development of a technical solution was carried out by the Magic Innovations team

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3D Mapping and decorations for the New Year Show for Epicenter

Magic Innovations 3D Studio created decorations and 3D mapping for Epicenter's New Year Show in 2016.

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3D Mapping for QUEEN restaurant

Creation of multimedia 3D mapping for restaurant interior

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3D projection for a bar

Our team created an animated video and technical implementation for the interior of the restaurant.

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Multimedia installation for hotels in the Alps

Magic Innovations team created a multimedia installation for Grandes Alpes Hotel

Interior video mapping: features and benefits

If you are preparing an interesting indoor event, Interior video mapping will help make it more spectacular. Even the interior, decorated in a minimalist style, can be styled to match the theme of your event. Our team of experts will help you with this. Interactive projection mapping is a modern tool that can be used to keep viewers’ attention.

Projection mapping art – a new life for audiovisual art

Organizers who prepare a creative event often think about how to make it more modern. Interior video mapping is great for this. The advantages of this tool are that it allows you to:

  • adapt the premises to the theme of the event;
  • supplement exhibition objects with projection installations;
  • superimpose detailed images on real objects.

Thus, it is possible to keep the attention of the audience. To surprise the people who came to the event, you need to try. Modern technologies make it possible to do this. Interior video mapping is used during exhibitions, performances and other creative events. Sometimes this allows you to successfully combine traditional and modern art. For example, the projection mapping floor will make it possible to adapt the premises to the event without spending a lot on expensive decor. And the effect will be more noticeable.

Video mapping interactive: new opportunities for business

Are you preparing a professional event? Do you want to surprise new partners with your business proposal? Strive to please customers at an exhibition of your product or service presentation? Then video mapping interactive is what you need. This technology allows:

  • make the interior more attractive and dispose the audience to positive emotions;
  • emphasize to customers the advantages of your product more clearly than competing companies do;
  • hold people’s attention longer by communicating to them the benefits of your offer;
  • emphasize your uniqueness;
  • convey the atmosphere of the event so that people remember it.

Video mapping interactive is not just a technical innovation that has gained popularity. This is a real opportunity to make your business or creative event interesting, spectacular and memorable for visitors. And our team of experts will help you with this. Contact us, and we will find an individual solution for you.

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