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Architectural 3D Projection mapping, interior 3D mapping, car 3D mapping, product 3D mapping, 3D mapping decorations, full dome projections, 3D mapping dress, 3D mapping Cake, 360 projections, waterscreen projections, holograms, holographic artists, holographic mash projection
Promo films, animated video instructions, 3dmodeling (characters, products, environments), logo animation, shooting and installation of corporate and reporting events, infographics, animated video presentations, filming and post-production, shooting on a green screen, post-processing video, color correction, music and sound design, special effects, animation for any show, cartoons, VFX
Augmented reality, virtual reality for education, product promotion, advertising, in everyday life, in social and art projects, in interior design; virtual excursions, quests, games; books and magazines with AR; live streaming AR; development of AR applications; augmented reality at concerts, shows, in TV shows; interactive installations, BTL based on interactive technologies, interactive stands, panels, entertaining interactive, educational interactive
Development, configuration and maintenance of multimedia and interactive installations. Video walls, interactive screens, video showcases, museum installations, media facades, holographic screens, exhibitions, art spaces, immersive projection, led and holographic zones in night clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, training classes, educational institutions; equipment of showrooms, meeting rooms in offices and business centers;
Rent of projection equipment, media servers, LED screens,  projection, water and holographic screens, development and rent installations, media facades, interactive, video walls, interactive solutions, accompaniment of concerts and events - show control all over the world, multimedia solutions rent, interactive solutions rent
Creation of multimedia stage shows, development of innovative show programs, interactive dance performances, projection, holographic performances and shows

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3D-Mapping, hologram, projection show, creation of 3D animation?
Among our innovative capabilities: video projections and augmented reality, 3D character animation and 3d scene creation, virtual reality, interactive hologram.

A brief overview of possible projection installations.

3D-Mapping (aka 3D Video-mapping, mapping) - video projection onto a three dimensional plane, creating a transformation illusion of the above mentioned plane. One of the most popular mapping type – building projection mapping. Any object could be used as a projection target: custom built decorations, buildings or any other architectural structure, cars, interior objects, etc.


Hologram (aka 3D hologram) – projection hologram is more of an illusion of a hologram, than a real thing. There are two ways of approaching this task from a technical side: creating image using backside projection screen or using a system of reflection and transparent displays. As an added innovative feature – controlling hologram using touch devices, such as iPads/iPhones.

Water projection

Water projection (aka water screen, pool projection). Simply put, content is being projected onto a water screen or a pool, using a specific projection setup. It is common to see animated characters with amazing splash/wave effects used with this technology.

Laser show

Laser show – sometimes, 3D Mapping shows are named simply “light shows”, and it’s not completely wrong. Laser shows, on the other hand, or how event announcers like to call them “laser 3D shows” – is a false statement, because projection, in our 3D mapping shows, is based on a projector, not a laser. If it is so appealing to use term “3D”, but term “mapping” is frightening – you’re better off calling it “3D projection show”.

Video content

Video Content. Custom created and rendered for specific purpose animated character, logo or any other static or dynamic entity based on a script. Could be created in a multitude of ways 3D animation, 2D animation, live-action with compositing, stop-motion, or even Kinect driven interactive custom character setups.