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Stage shows from Magic Innovations will allow you to transform any action, make it more colorful and interesting. Whether it’s a dance, a song, a sporting event, or a product launch, smartly integrated digital technologies allow you to push the envelope and bring your product or action to the attention of the audience.

With content, you can not only fill the stage but also communicate the idea of ​​the show much better using visual images and animations that dancers, singers, or speakers can interact with in real-time.

As a basis for such a show, we use interactive technologies and the most modern equipment. This is what allows you to provide the effect of complete immersion and delight even the most sophisticated audience.

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Stage content is a background for some other action (dance, competition, song, etc.), creates a more attractive picture, helps to fill large scenes, adds dynamics to stage productions with dancers, singers, speakers, where there is interaction person and is often used not only as an element of the show, but also a way to express the idea of ​​the customer with visual images, choreography, and music, helps to create a stable visual image of a particular idea in the guest. See examples of such shows below!

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Stage interactive show for Kyivstar

3d mapping dance for Kyivstar conference

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3D Mapping and Holograms for Mubarak Award

Creation of computer graphics and 3D animation, holograms for the stage show "Family"

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3D Animation and Holograms for Fujairah Festival

3D Animation and Holograms for Fujairah Festival

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Stage video decorations for children's show

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3D Projection for the Lebanese Wedding

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3D Mapping for the presentation of the new Ferrari model

Projection mapping show/Stage show

Modern stage shows are becoming even more spectacular thanks to the latest technology. Even traditional art gains more power when combined with a projection mapping show. The team of specialists who work at Magic Innovations will make your event unforgettable. We use these technological possibilities to the maximum. Combining them with our experience and creative vision, we help to translate the ideas of our clients into reality.

Projection mapping show: advantages

Do you want to hold a concert on stage? Are you ready for a creative challenge? Do you want to make a bright stage performance? Projection mapping light show is what you need. We will carefully listen to your wishes and make a 3d projection show for your event.
Among the benefits provided to our clients are:

  • Thoughtful professional approach tailored to your individual wishes.
  • Spectacular augmented reality projection mapping, when the viewer opens up a lot of interesting effects that grab attention.
  • Selection for the stage show of such content, which even better allows you to reveal his idea.

The combination of visual images and animation is achieved through the professionalism of our team and the use of modern equipment. Our team monitors the trends in our field and adapts this trends in our work. Therefore, we can offer projection mapping show options that will fit the theme of your event.

Areas of use for projection mapping show

These interactive technologies are optimal in areas such as:

  • Sports performances and competitions. For example, tournaments in gymnastics and dancing.
  • Art presentations and performances. The combination of traditional and modern art forms has become relevant.
  • Humorous shows. Our experts know what audiovisual content to choose to fit your scenario.
  • Theatrical performances. Such productions become even more spectacular with the use of new technologies.
  • Entertainment shows for children. Kids love bright shows, and we can help organize them.

We have experience in each of these areas. Our professionals are ready to help you realize your most creative ideas. The projection mapping show makes it possible to do this. Contact us, and we will help organize the event of your dreams.

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