LED screens of non-standard shapes

Creating a structure from LED screens is a great alternative to projections, for which the level of illumination is extremely important. LED displays have high brightness, thanks to which you can effectively present your service or product both in a well-lit room and in open-air venues. The design can be made in the form of an exhibition stand, as well as a three-dimensional object of any shape. An additional business benefit is a cost, which is often much better than the price of a standard screen.

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Magic Innovations

Our Works

Creation and installation of various structures from ice screens in the form of installations, exhibition stands from screens, etc., have an advantage over projection due to good brightness even in an illuminated space or in daylight. Good eye-catchers and often even cheaper than solid rectangular screens, with the right placement they have an immersive effect. Examples of such work can be seen below.

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Media facade for Silpo brand

This summer we having created digital artworks for Silpo on the one of the largest curved media facades in Europe, located in Kyiv.

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Create content for the Burj Khalifa

After all, for the first time in history, Ukrainians made content for the New Year's show on the Burj Khalifa. And that was us, Magic Innovations.

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TV studio 3D modeling

Design concept development. Custom technical solutions and realizations

The LED Advertising Screen

The advertising display screen led helps to put many creative ideas into practice. This applies to the field of events, as well as different business sectors. If you are interested in the advertising LED display screen, our experts are ready to provide their services. We have good experience in our industry. And we just love our work and treat it with inspiration. This helps us achieve great results and make creative decisions that work for our clients. If you want to know the advertising LED screen price, our pricing policy is loyal to customers. We cooperate on favorable terms for you. Most importantly, we offer high-quality services.

The digital display board for advertisement: advantages

  • Among the main advantages that the LED advertising screen can provide are:
  • Excellent brightness. This feature makes it possible to use them even in daylight conditions. If you place the LED display board for advertising correctly, you can easily achieve the desired effect.
  • Innovation. Such a screen looks modern and appropriate. It helps to convey to the addressee the message that was planned.
  • Attractive price. The LED display for advertising is often cheaper than using solid rectangular screens.
  • Versatility of use. If a good level of lighting is important to you, the LED display panel for advertising will be a profitable solution.
  • High brightness. Thanks to this feature, the LED display screen for advertising outdoor can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Various shape options. We can produce not only a classic stand, but also a display of a different shape. It all depends on the wishes and needs of the customer. Our specialists will carefully listen to them and find the best solution for you. For example, a three-dimensional object of any shape can be made.

The cost of such a display is lower than that of a standard screen. This makes it a common solution. Using this screen is cost-effective for business. This makes it possible to effectively manage the advertising budget.

Our advantages

Magic Innovations has been in the industry for a long time. This has helped us achieve success in areas such as:

  • Accumulation of knowledge in their specialization. Our experience works for us. We use it to help your business be more efficient.
  • Understanding the current trends in the sphere. We are constantly researching trends in the industry in which we operate. This makes it possible to offer our customers only profitable and timely solutions.
  • Adaptation of these trends in real practical work. We do not just study fashion trends, but try to fill them with our author’s vision. We can make a good result.
  • Ability to find creative solutions for each client. Individual approach in our work is very important. This is not just a beautiful motto. This is the real principle of our professional activity and cooperation with clients. This is the only way to adapt experience and knowledge in real cases.

And another important advantage of Magic Innovations is well-built communication with customers. We always try to explain complex things in a simple way so that our clients feel comfortable working with us.

The LED advertising screen – new opportunities for you

The proposed technology offers many advantages for businesses:

  • Opportunity to become more visible to consumers. In a world of high competition, it is very significant to be able to draw attention to your product in the right way. New technologies help a lot in this.
  • Mastering effective tools to strengthen your brand. It is significant that the business evokes positive associations among customers. It depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on a huge range of other factors. For example, what matters is how you communicate about your offer. Modern technologies in this sense help to stand out from competitors and attract attention.
  • Visibilities to potential partners who can more clearly understand the main messages of your business.

The use of such technologies is an opportunity to strengthen the business. You will make your product more interesting and noticeable. And this will ensure an increase in profits and the emergence of new customers.
Magic Innovations will help you use modern technologies to increase your profits. We will help you choose the solution that will suit you with its advantages and price.

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