Holographic fans and pyramids

Holographic fans and pyramids allow you to significantly expand the capabilities of a traditional hologram. You can install such a structure in a trade hall, museum, gallery or any exhibition. It will give you an opportunity to add objects that are located anywhere in the world with minimal time and money. Using modern technology will attract a wider audience to your event and get their loyalty.

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Magic Innovations

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We provide small constructions that create a holographic effect (digital objects appear very due to the invisibility of the screen) They can be used even in illuminated spaces, unlike the classic hologram. Mainly used for exhibitions.

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Holographic pyramid

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Holographic Pyramid for exhibition

Hologram pyramid and 3d animation for Aviation week Network's MRO Europe 2018 Amsterdam

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Holographic wall installation

3D Fan Hologram

3D fan hologram is one of the modern solutions used in the field of entertainment and events. We invite you to learn more about the benefits that Magic Innovations provides to its customers. 3D hologram display makes it possible to add a new object to an existing scene. There is an effect of realism, and the audience gets a lot of emotions.

Hologram fan display allows you to dynamically change content that can become a replacement for traditional scenery. If you choose this option, you get many benefits. Our team of specialists knows how to make a 3D holographic fan tailored to your needs. We will tailor the 3D hologram led fan to your request and event specifics.

3D led hologram fan: advantages

Using 3D holographic display allows you:

  • To adapt the finished photo zone to the client’s wishes.
  • To design a site of the territory, this will become a visual accent.
  • To save money that would have been spent on the purchase and installation of bulky scenery.
  • To attract a wider audience to the event.
  • To make an unforgettable impression on people.
  • To achieve the effect of realism of unrealistic objects through the use of modern technologies.
  • To provide the effect of the presence of such objects due to the transparency of the screen.

As our experience shows, the holographic led fan works most effectively and spectacularly when its functioning is adapted to the scenario of the event. The use of 3D led hologram fan is a new opportunity in the event industry. The Hologram ventilator provides more options than the classic hologram. For example, this technological innovation can also be used in illuminated spaces.

Holographic fan: scope of use

Most often, this type of hologram is used during exhibitions. Its specificity makes it possible to embed unrealistic objects into the program and surprise visitors. The following types of spaces can be used to install this structure:

  • Shopping room. You can draw attention to the object that you advertise to customers. Also, the hologram may not be related to the theme of the presentation. In this case, it simply draws attention to your brand.
  • Museum. Modern excursions are an area in which the latest technologies are relevant. They provide an opportunity to surprise visitors and leave a good impression.
  • Art gallery. Holographic fan during the opening of the exhibition will make the event more spectacular. This is exactly what the organizers need to make the event enjoyable and memorable. As a rule, the audience in such cases leaves good reviews. It also increases the likelihood that people will come to your gallery in the future. This will strengthen the positive image of the art space.

If you are interested in 3D hologram fan price, our company offers this opportunity on favorable terms. Magic Innovations are new perspective solutions for your business or art. We cooperate with many representatives of business and creative fields. In each case, technical solutions from Magic Innovations are based on your requests.

We carefully study the wishes of customers, and then implement them. Extensive experience in the industry allows us to do this with high quality. By cooperating with us, you can be convinced of this. Contact us! We will select individual innovative solutions that will work for you. They will make your business or art more powerful and attractive to the audience. And this, in turn, will increase profits.

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