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Content for media facades by Magic Innovations will allow you to use the screen to the maximum. Brand advertising, announcements of the most anticipated events: concerts, football matches, speaker performances and much more will now become much more realistic and colorful. This will attract the attention of a wide audience, rationally use the advertising budget and increase the number of sales due to the viral effect.

When developing, our team takes into account all parameters, including the shape, size, and viewing angle of the media facade. Thanks to professional licensed software, the picture is incredibly clear and exciting. If necessary, we can also select an LED display that meets your requirements and capabilities.

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Magic Innovations

Our Works

We develop content for media facades of any size. We offer projections on houses and rollers for LED screens.

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New Year's show for the largest media facade in the world

Our company created New Year's LED show for Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 2022 was celebrated by millions of people from all over the world under the show called "Eve of Wonder"

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Media facade for Silpo supermarket

Media facade on the largest screen in Europe, which is located on the facade of the Gulliver shopping center in Kyiv. One of the biggest videos on the facade.

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Berlin Light Festival Award

2nd International Berlin Light Festival! An international jury selected the 10 best video mappings on the theme "Art and Nature" and we were the best.

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