Magic Innovations animated videos are a great opportunity to present your product from a fundamentally new perspective, show the client the benefits in a format that is understandable and interesting for him, and also attract the attention of a wider audience. Advertising on television, conferences, websites, or social networks, you can present your business on any modern platform. In our work, we use computer graphics created with the help of advanced licensed software. If necessary, you can shoot a video in Full HD and integrate it into a video or animation by applying effects. By ordering a commercial from MI, you get the maximum benefit for your business and use your budget wisely. A full production cycle and our post-production for advertising allow us to strictly comply with deadlines and agreements.

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We create animated videos with elements of real footage to present a product on a website or social networks. Such advertising is more flexible and modern. You can show something that cannot be filmed realistically, or it will be too expensive. That is, our videos are cheaper, but of better quality as a result of good animation. We are engaged in both the creation of videos and their production. You can see some of our work below.

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Dubai police advertisement

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Video clip for Agro 2019

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Video clip for TV shows

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