Multimedia installations for museums, exhibitions, art spaces;  projection and LED installations;  kinetics, kinetic constructions and installations;  equipment of immersive, projection, LED and holographic zones in night clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, training classes, schools / universities;  equipment of showrooms, meeting rooms in offices and business centers;  post-maintenance of installations and projects;  purchase, logistics, installation, adjustment, testing of equipment;  media facades, interactive video walls;  holographic grid, holographic film;  LED screens external, internal, LED designs;  engineering;  those.  consulting, technical support and support of projects, installations, events, tournaments, concerts, performances;  service



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Lila cake 3d projection mapping

Lila cake 3d projection mapping

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3D animations for Fujairah

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Launch of a new phone model on Burj Khalifa

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Development, configuration and maintenance of multimedia and interactive installations.

Video walls

A video wall of monitors is a construction of multimedia elements (video cubes or plasma panels) forming a single monolithic split-screen. It guarantees high image quality through the use of appropriate modules. Video walls become very popular and are used in shopping and entertainment centers, financial institutions, conference rooms, and situational centers. Many successful companies have confirmed that the installation of video walls contributes to an increase in sales by 15% and attracts more visitors by almost 10 times.

Advantages of video walls:

  • They open up unlimited information opportunities for you;
  • They allow you to display detailed images of large size on the screen;
  • You can create video installations;
  • They become a bright element of outdoor and indoor advertising.

The picture can be displayed on the entire wall, on its sections or in each monitor separately. The video wall of the TVs can be installed in a straight line, in a semicircle or around a corner.

Interactive screens

Interaction means communication. Accordingly, the goal of modern high-tech interactive equipment is communication with people:

  • with your potential and regular customers;
  • with guests of the institution;
  • with buyers at the point of sale.

Interactive screens are an excellent solution for shops, shopping centers, sports centers, cinemas, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, museums and exhibitions, forums and seminars. They are designed to attract the attention of a person, interest and create the best impression of your company (outlet, establishment, etc.).

You can monitor the content remotely and online via the Internet. On the interactive screen, you can play different content, which depends on the nature of the premises where it is located, and the goals.

Video showcases

You may increase sales by 40% and generate WOW effect on your customers using advanced interactive video installations.

To attract customers, you should not be afraid to be a pioneer and use technical innovations.

Video showcase is intended for use:

In salons, shops, shopping and business centers;

In exhibition centers;

In cinemas, theaters, museums;

In car dealerships.

A projection showcase will make a success of any exhibition, presentation, advertising campaign. Just order a projection photo zone.

Museum installations

Museums, whether contemporary or classical, also try to keep up with progress.

Interactive displays and tables are in high demand in museums today, allowing the visitor to independently select content for viewing or listening.

We have access to the latest multimedia technologies that will help you create a unique exposition that will attract and impress your visitors and guests.

Our close cooperation with designers, architects, and developers of museums and exhibitions allows us to offer innovative solutions like photozone with 3D mapping to make the museum a dynamic entity.

Media facades

The media faсade will give a zest to any architectural object. Using this technology, you can make the exterior of buildings as informative as possible. In today’s world, in conditions of fierce competition, even a small advantage in possessing the attention of the audience allows you to get huge benefits. Media facades are used both for small signs, information boards with advertising of any products, services, and to reflect the most complex architectural masterpieces, which opens up truly unlimited opportunities for advertising companies. The use of interactive photo zones replaces traditional billboards, posters, completely transforming the appearance of cities both at night and in the daytime.

The scope of integrated media lighting is huge, but there are several areas where media facades are the most popular:

  • Commercial and image-building advertising;
  • Light architectural design;
  • Informative city systems;
  • Visualization of large-scale events, concerts, events, various political events.

 Holographic screens

Holographic screen – is a completely transparent segment of plexiglass, on which a reverse projection film is applied. It is invisible to the human eye. The projected picture creates the illusion of a hologram, as the viewer sees a certain object floating in the air. Focusing our eyes on the image, we see a clear, contrasting image, and if we relax the focus, we can look through the picture. The projection photozone is widely used at exhibitions and presentations since this solution is an innovative way of displaying information.

Holographic screens are used for:

  • Demonstration of commercials.
  • Various previews at conferences, presentations, business meetings, exhibitions.
  • Informing in an innovative way.
  • Attracting attention to the product.


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