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Magic Innovations on America’s Got Talent!

Magic Innovations on America’s Got Talent!

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Museum of Palm Jumeirah

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Museum Ukraine of the Universe 360 Projection

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Three-dimensional mapping is a new frontier in art and technology, which is based on projecting animation on flat surfaces or more complex structures, such as buildings, bridges, monuments, any complex three-dimensional figures. This technique allows you to get incredible sights or create real digital shows in 3D video animation. Using special programs, you can create scenes with images, videos, laser and light shows projected onto structures. A three-dimensional light show can give the impression that reality comes to life, leaving the viewer speechless.

Projector lights can fool the viewer’s visual perception, creating a surreal mass illusion effect that inevitably generates the so-called WOW effect. You can create the illusion that the building will collapse, or animate an object with very bright flashes of optical deformation.

3D-video visualization is one of the main areas of our activity, and its functions are numerous. Here is a summary of what we offer.

Architectural 3D projection mapping

Cartography provides many advantages in presenting projects. Using one layout, you can show several solutions, add dynamics for individual parts of the building, add nonexistent elements. As a result, the static layout turns into a projection show, which makes a vivid impression on the audience.

An architectural video image is a 3D video video effect on any architectural object. When developing a screenplay scenario, the starting point is the texture and architecture of the building and its elements, so each 3D projection show is unique and its content cannot be repeated on the facade of another building. Due to this, with the help of video projection, various architectural elements can take completely unexpected and intricate forms, optical illusions are created on buildings and other structures. This type of mapping is good to use for mass events in the open air, when you need to attract the attention of a large number of people.


Interior 3D mapping

It is a projection of the video image on the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and other surfaces of the interior. Ordinary static walls of the room turn into dynamic surfaces. 3D video graphics can achieve a variety of purposes, from creating an emotional atmosphere to the complete transformation of the club, office, concert venue, etc.

Car 3D mapping

The development of 3D projection allows you to see all the nuances of a future project. This is a popular way to present cars from famous brands. Using mapping, you can simulate the movement of a car, focus on the features of its body or interior details, and demonstrate a color palette.

Product 3D mapping

3D product mapping is a new word in marketing. 3D video graphics will inevitably attract customer attention to your product favorably highlighting it among thousands of similar ones.

3D mapping decorations

For decorative purposes, 3D mapping is used to transform the interior of the room by creating a projection on the walls, floor, and ceiling, organizing modular paintings, etc.

For this purpose, video mapping is used by both hotels, restaurants, cafes to change their interior, surprise guests, and ordinary people to decorate their home or apartment during various events.

3D effects create the scenery for concerts and theatrical performances. They will perfectly complement a DJ or a famous group, add spectacular features. Also, 3D mapping is used in various types of fine art.

Full Dome projections

It is a large-scale action in real-time on the outer or inner surface of the dome as a canvas. Spherical cinemas and observatories are a striking example of the widespread use of projection video scenery, where films and the depths of space are shown. This type of 3D video animation launches a ‘time and space machine’, a virtual-navigation ship.

3D Mapping Dress and 3D Mapping Cake

Video projection can give a zest to your wedding. The projection onto the cake is exactly what you need for a grand celebration. With the use of advanced technologies, you can make a colorful event that is accurately imprinted in the guests’ memory. And the light play on the wedding dress will turn into a separate show astonishing the audience.

360 Projections

360° video effect is multipurpose. It is used as an alternative education instrument by museums and universities, theatres, and even the game industry.

3D Animation Cost

The final price depends on the complexity of the idea, scale of the presentation, architectural features of the facade (if the building will be the background of the presentation). We into account the detail of the picture and other features of the created graphics. The total cost of 3D animation order includes the work of technical personnel on the site: video engineers, technicians, directors, as well as equipment rental. Usually, the calculation is based on 3D animation price per second.


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