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TANK car first launch in Saudi Arabia

TANK car first launch in Saudi Arabia

Magic Innovations created content for big launch Chinese brand "TANK". ...

GITEX 2022 for Epson

GITEX 2022 for Epson

Magic Innovations take part in the world’s largest exhibition of ...

Content for exhibition stand in Barcelona

Content for exhibition stand in Barcelona

Magic Innovations created and adapted 3D content for two interactive ...

EXPO 2020 exhibition stand

EXPO 2020 exhibition stand

We want to present you our new project for the ...


The CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is commonly known as 3D animation.

Animation and computer graphics give a stunning effect when using any video project. On the one hand, the use of computer graphics and animation significantly reduces the cost of a video clip, and on the other hand makes it more spectacular, vivid and colorful. Most of the videos are made using computer graphics. Our company offers the customer the implementation of any video project using 3D video animation and computer graphics of any complexity and will do this efficiently, quickly and professionally.

Where to use 3D video visualization?

  • hotel and restaurant business (hotel, restaurant, cafe, pub, bar)
  • beauty and health (beauty salons, dentistry, spa-center, fitness club)
  • rental of real estate (office, apartment, house)
  • entertainment and shopping (shopping centers, night clubs, parks)
  • repair and construction

Virtual reality 360 shooting, Virtual Reality, 360 animation 3d

The main advantages of virtual shooting at 360 degrees:

  • Profitable and more complete presentation of your property;
  • virtual tour attracts attention, creates the effect of presence and desire to visit your event;
  • possibility to download video on GOOGLE maps, on the site, and on social networks;
  • this way of presentation favorably distinguishes your company, goods, or services from the crowd;
  • compatibility with all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers);
  • growing interest and trust of your customers.

Shooting for commercials, Commercials 2D animation, Commercials 3d animations

The release of commercials using computer graphics becomes essential for advertising products. The main elements of computer graphics are:

  • Two-dimensional graphics (2D) are still pictures with appearing or disappearing inscriptions. Labels may also flash. The screening process is accompanied by music and text, which is behind the scenes.
  • Three-dimensional graphics (3D) show objects three-dimensionally.

Items can be combined by overlaying computer graphics and real photos. Gradually, this element takes the lead.


3d video graphics open unlimited possibilities in the development of films, advertising, television content, presentation videos. The use of 3d graphics in successful commercials and films has become standard practice. It’s often cheaper to draw than to shoot a video. 3D video graphics can show the viewer what is simply not possible to shoot.

3D effects video is used in:

  • presentation films;
  • presentations;
  • TV commercials
  • online advertising;

Video titles, Computer graphics for Commercials and Advertising

Creating a video presentation would have remained just a bunch of dry facts and data (which are difficult for perception and therefore uninteresting) if the animation had not intervened. The result is a consistent story with a clearly defined script and visual accompaniment – colorful, deliberately black and white, with the participation of 3D characters, animals, plants, etc.

Animated infographics visually tell the story. 3D graphics is one of the most effective tools in advertising, which allows you to expand the impact on a potential client and improve the quality of the advertisements in both real and virtual worlds.

Motion presentations, Stage show, Concert show

An unforgettable show – this is what you will hear after attending an event in which the magic of 3D projections is involved. Our company’s specialists work with ready-made concepts and raw ideas, creating 3D animation for holographic shows of any scale. Your 3D animation order can be an animated video projected onto a wall, ceiling, or any suitable surface. Or a voluminous hologram, of which an artist, singer or group of people become a part. We create a new space and dictate new laws to it. We create animated video on any subject and at attractive 3D animation cost. We need only the basic concept and the wishes of the customer, a general direction for the ingenious creativity of designers.

We form a bright and rich show, which will become a center of attraction for the entire time of the planned action. Contact us to learn more about 3D animation price per second. No plagiarism and stereotyping – the original embodiment in the voluminous framework of modern technology!


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