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GITEX 2022 for Epson

GITEX 2022 for Epson

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EXPO 2020 exhibition stand

EXPO 2020 exhibition stand

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LED Cube for Government of Fujairah

LED Cube for Government of Fujairah

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Rent of projection equipment

Every event is based on a technical base that guarantees the success of any undertaking. One of the options for the original design of a concert, show, performance will be to rent a projector that creates different visual effects. There are dozens of situations where this service is relevant:

  • competent and memorable presentation of the product;
  • creating infographics that demonstrate the idea or advantages of a product;
  • the formation of unique space with the specified parameters of the drawing depth, color scheme, and clarity;
  • powerful advertising on building exterior across: on the entire surface, on separate sections, as well as on monuments and architectural monuments,
  • video demonstration on water screens as part or basis of the show at the event.

3D Magic Innovations company offers a wide range of services, which include 3D projector rental and screen, setting up equipment and developing the video itself.


Why is renting a projector convenient for different formats of events?


The equipment that you can rent from us opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating impressive shows in the open space or indoors. Using our equipment, you:

  • present the product or product as brightly as possible,
  • create a positive image of the company,
  • create a catchy show that will be talked about for a long time,
  • demonstrate the advantages of your proposal – not dry facts and figures, but a whole action that is much better perceived by the viewer.

Renting projection equipment of a professional level is a deliberately successful step, which is provided by innovative solutions.

Media servers

High-quality software and hardware content of the media server allows you to find the most unexpected applications for rent, but its main applications are:


  • Visualization of 3D mapping, including monumental mapping;
  • Multi-screen visualization;
  • Multilayer video stream.

Server rental will be needed for those who are going to organize a large-scale show using special effects, requiring the high processing power of the content and its demonstration.

Our media servers use the latest software and hardware developments of leading manufacturers.

LED screens, projection,

The projection allows you to get the so-called “soft” picture, which is actively used to create a special atmosphere at events. It is also worth noting another interesting trend – the projection of images on a special screen used during the event in front of the stage. Multimedia projector rental allows you to create the effect of a hologram or image in the air without closing the main installation.

Water and holographic screens

Water screen is one of the latest achievements in projection technology. A fan-shaped water stream arises above the ground or water, allowing you to project high-resolution images onto it. Rent of water screens allows you to project an image onto drops of water where the installation of a traditional screen is impossible, undesirable, or the presence of a water screen emphasizes a unique director’s intention. The water screen can be used at exhibitions, presentations, corporate events, show programs, concerts for broadcasting commercials, slide shows, animated compositions, and more.

The 3D holographic screen is a novelty in the Ukrainian market, holographic screen rental is becoming more popular every day. This device allows you to create the illusion of 3-dimensional space thanks to special animation and rotating LEDs. You can control the screen using the remote control that comes with the device. Led screen for rent is ideal for advertising products, services, events.

Media facades

Bright, colorful, dynamic advertising on huge rental led screens always attracts attention. A good, competent commercial on the exterior media facade can increase sales by 30-40%. Permanent advertising on media facades may not be profitable, but short-term screen rental (for example, a month before the promotion) will attract customers.

Interactive, video walls, interactive solutions

Video walls with diagonals of more than two meters have become an essential part of the equipment at sports tournaments, concerts, promotional presentations, conferences, and other major events. Usually, in the above cases, it is rental video walls that are used, because investments in complexes of high-budget equipment are often unjustified when used a few times a year.

Interactive walls will attract the attention of visitors and make any event bright and memorable. These will favorably emphasize the design of the premises of a night club or a bar and will become an original platform for advertising sponsors and partners of your party.

Accompaniment of concerts and events – show control all over the world

When organizing an event, an important task is the high-quality visual component of what is happening (statistics, graphs, clear photos and video content, information schemes and tables, etc.). Your interactive conference or mass-format event will be successful if 3D Magic Innovation is engaged in technical support. We offer rental of video equipment that will ensure the support of multimedia and interactive technologies. We guarantee high-quality reproduction of the desired information.


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