09 March 2019

National Record the biggest 3d mapping cake

The company Magic Innovations is glad to invite you on March 10, 2019 to the official fixation of the mapping record in the National Register of Records.

In the fall of 2018, we implemented an event in Yerevan, the final part of which was a huge 3D mapping cake. We have filed an application and received confirmation of the national record of records.

On March 10, on Sunday, at 17:00, on VDNG in Pavilion 2 (Home Interactive Season) the Record will be held at the “Favorite 3d Mapping Cake”, category “Science and Technology”. Artist – “Magic Innovations”. CEO of the company – Khitruk Ostap.

The partner for the projection equipment is Epson.

The culinary partner is Figaro Catering Company.

The program includes fixing a record, sharing photos and videos, eating the largest projection cake in Ukraine, 3D tale quest for everyone.

The presence of children at the event – is welcome!

Note: the previous record from Magic Innovations was registered in 2017 – the highest 3D mapping for the monumental sculpture “Motherland”

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