23 August 2023

Mind-Blowing Act for AGT 2023

The best Ukrainian multimedia studio Magic Innovations and Ukrainian choreographer Oleksandr Leshchenko, recently received 4 YES from the judges on the talent show “America’s Got Talent”. The video has already received more than 15 million views and tens of thousands of enthusiastic comments from viewers.

It took three months to prepare for a new exciting performance dedicated specifically to the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Our performance is based on the Ukrainian folk tale “Kotygoroshko”, which has a deep meaning and a topical sound. In the story, where the hero receives strength from his native land to overcome evil, we see an analogy to the modern challenges and tasks facing Ukraine and our people.

We combined a holographic cube with anamorphic illusion technology, LED screens and an LED floor to enhance the effect of presence and immerse the viewer in Ukrainian history!

“Each animated scene carries the symbols of Ukraine: the hills of Kyiv, a Ukrainian house, a vyshyvanka, a mace and of course a trident. The most visible symbol is, of course, Mother Ukraine. It is interesting that the Magic Innovations team were the first to dress a real statue in an vyshyvanka and projected a trident on the shield back in 2017, when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Kyiv,” said Ostap Khytruk, creative producer and owner of a Magic Innovations multimedia studio.

Now America will vote for the participants of the semi-finals during the day, and on August 24 we will receive the voting results. Anyone living in the USA can support our team.

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