01 September 2018

Magic Innovations made the final mapping show for the International Circle of Light festival.

Magic Innovation Studio is an honorary participant of the festival. This annual
event is attended by audio and video experts from all over the world. The festival is a large-scale projection, fabulous installations and a fantastic multimedia show with various visual effects. All festival visitors as well as numerous online viewers get unforgettable impressions and experience pleasant emotions.

In 2018, Magic Innovations presented three out-of-competition 3D projections during the festival with a total duration of about 15 minutes, including eleven-minute projection show at the closing ceremony of the Circle of Light festival. Twelve-meter cube structure was built specially for the projections and reached the height of a fifteen- storey building at its highest point. The final large-scale show was a Japanese pyrotechnics show, world famous for its stunning beauty. Large-caliber charges were used at the end of the show. The diameter of the largest firework spray reached up to 600 meters. Communication group LBL acted as a festival coordinator.

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