05 July 2020

Innovative formats for private events in a new reality

In spring of 2020, the Magic Innovations team together with 42 Agency became participants in a unique project. We named it ONLINE WEDDING. Close people and the master of ceremonies, who holds the official part of the event, being unable to come under strict quarantine, became participants in the wedding in the distance due to our idea.
Magic Innovations was invited to the project as an innovative partner, and our task was to organize an effective interaction between the newlyweds with their parents and guests, while observing all the quarantine rules.
It was necessary to invent thе remote format of greetings and congratulations, without lost of emotions.
Our team implemented a video capture of guests, observing all technical conditions for high-quality video content, and transferred the image to holographic screens installed directly in the hall.
In this connection we got the holograms of the guests. Everything went perfect. All project participants, both organizers and guests, got great pleasure from the idea and its implementation. As for the newlyweds, it was a complete surprise, which caused shock and tears of joy. A large number of media outlets wrote about the given project, TV plots were shown, guests created many posts, we achieved “word of mouth” effect. And we got an unforgettable experience. Сontact us – we will do something new and excellent

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