04 April 2022

Real time magic: a hologram that is indistinguishable from reality

Our new project was in honor of the company’s anniversary celebration. The task was to create an innovative show that will win the hearts of the audience and remain a vivid memory.

We created realistic holograms of the company’s founders that interacted with the audience throughout the show. And only at the end, when the real founders appeared on the stage, one to one similar to a hologram, the audience noticed the “substitution”. The performance was very impressive and people were delighted.

Also in the program of the evening was a dance. The main idea is to show how IT companies transform the market. We emphasized the idea by synchronizing the dance with holographic projections. We thought over every movement of the dancers, drew concepts and created animation for them. As a result, we got a 3D effect, a bright and dynamic image.

Thanks to our extensive experience in combining LED screens with holographic screens, we have avoided dim images and screen glare by setting the correct brightness and developing special content.

We like to experiment, learn and create something new. It’s a pleasure to make such projects!

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