04 April 2022

Multimedia installations for the City Day in Cherkasy

The project used complex solutions: several multimedia photo zones were installed, a large arch of LED screens, and a high-tech video show with lasers was also presented to the public.

One of our multimedia photozones is “Sticks”. We thought over every element of its construction, analyzed different angles to get a beautiful and 3D image.

The Magic Innovations team spent a day on installation and fixed about 7,000 sticks on the photozone. All elements were installed manually at different height levels.

City residents also highly appreciated the interactive photozones “City of the Future” and “LED CUBE”. There was a big queue to them, even in spite of the bad weather.

Instead of fireworks, which are now banned, we have created an exciting multimedia stage show. The creation of such progressive solutions allows emphasizing the innovativeness of the city and attracting more people.

We are grateful to the department of culture and the mayor of Cherkasy for holding the event!

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