20 April 2018

Magic-Innovations on Visual Artist Awards 2018

Magic friends! We are nominated with 9 projects in the Visual Artist Awards 2018! Please vote for our projects  https://visualartistawards.com/visualartistawards-2018-vote/ Magic-Innovations

Friends! 1 day of voting left! On 30 April, the vote for participants in the prestigious International Visual Artist Awards 2018, designed to draw attention to pioneers and to identify the leaders of the industry mappinga industry, motion graphics and augmented reality, is coming to an end.
This year, Ukraine is represented by several works of magic innovations, which for almost 10 years creates screen show and video installation and is known not only in Ukraine but also beyond.
https://visualartistawards.com/best-360-still-image Now we are at 1 place
https://visualartistawards.com/best-human-interaction Now we are at 2 place
https://visualartistawards.com/best-interior-architecture-m… Now we are at 1 place
https://visualartistawards.com/best-experimental-mapping now we are at 3 place
If you like the work, support them with your voice.
Voting is coming to an end and your voice can be decisive!


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