11 November 2020

A set of multimedia solutions in OCEANARIUM by Magic Innovations

Our Magic Innovations team has implemented a сomplex and extraordinary idea in Oceanarium – we organically combined the exciting underwater world of the aquarium and multimedia technologies to create an additional WOW effect for the audience.
Now the world of real sea inhabitants is complemented by unreal creatures and prehistoric fish with the help of creative ideas, innovative technologies and 3D graphics.
As a result, in 6 months the Magic Innovations team has implemented a large-scale complex of multimedia solutions:

• performed project engineering and complex technical setup
• invented a scenario and environment concept for sea creatures
• our concept designers studied a variety of scientific materials and archives to recreate the images of prehistoric creatures and create animated characters
• pre-production – casting of actors; designing and creating costumes and props (some of them were printed on a 3D printer); green screen, compositing, VFX; post-production
• carried out incredibly difficult underwater filming, with divers and specially trained professional actors who had to play underwater with holding their breath and without any special equipment (this deserves another story)
• created the largest stationary holographic screen in Ukraine using Pepper Ghost technology for a holographic show
• panoramic 3D mapping show and projection on statues
• automated projection control system (proprietary Magic Innovations development)
• created 3D-graphic underwater worlds of characters of prehistoric creatures in 6K resolution

The total projection area is more than 50 sq. m.;
the total brightness of projectors – 30,000 lm.

We have gained new invaluable experience in the implementation of another unique multimedia project.
You can find a video report in portfolio on our official website – https://3dmagic-innovations.com/ru/2020/10/29/installyatsii-okeanarium/

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