18 June 2019

3D Show on The Tallest Building in The World from a Ukrainian team!

Ukrainian multimedia solutions company, Magic Innovations, created a 3D-Mapping show on the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Show was premiered on the celebration day of one of the most important holidays in region – EID Mubarak, and will be shown every day, during the month of June.

The Burj Khalifa building – is the tallest skyscraper in the world with a total height of 828 meters (2717 ft.). Also, it’s the most expensive advertisement platform.

“We are doing projects in Dubai for more than 4 years, and for 4 years we’ve been dreaming to see our art on this magnificent structure” – says Ostap Khytruk, company founder and creative director. “In 2017 was our first attempt, we participated in the tender offering, came up with concepts, but our work didn’t go through. This time we won. Burj Khalifa project was created in 1,5 month, with 9 designers taking part in the process. Not only complex building geometry was taken into account during content creation, but also the position of the potential viewers. Surface of the building is covered in numerous LED-screens, we had to take into account every available pixel, each seam, so that the picture was as seamless and solid as possible. The final content video file was rendered in enormous resolution, this detail in itself required multiple days and all the power of our own ultra high-end renderfarm. Putting all the technical challenges aside, everything turned out fantastic”.

“Our goal was to create something spectacular, original. We clearly understood – this project is our chance to get our name recognized all over the world and it will push us into a whole other league. There was only a couple of edits during this project – mostly they were revolving around simplifying and removing small detail, that were pointless and impossible to visually read due to the mind-boggling height of the structure.

It only took the show a couple of days to ramp up our Facebook group and YouTube channel traffic tens of times, and we already stopped counting the sheer amount of phone recordings of our content being uploaded every day. Reposts broke the thousand mark in a blink of an eye, and views are already  in the hundreds of thousands”.

“Our dream is to create projection shows on the most iconic and famous architectural structures in the world, such as Statue Of Liberty, Leaning tower of Pisa, Coliseum, the Egyptian pyramids. If we combine  high-level graphical and architectural design, we can get a very strong visual image as a result, a new masterpiece is born”, – studio founder thinks.

Magic-Innovations portfolio is already full of large-scale architectural mapping cases. The first international studio spotlight was after taking 1-st Place at the famous Berlin Festival of Lights. This year,  in march, projects from the Magic-Innovations studio were recognized by the 2019 APEX Awards in Las Vegas, the team brought home both Gold and Silver awards, as well as the show Gran-Prix Award for the Content of the Year. In 2017, in Ukraine, the team set a new national “Largest projection surface” record, for the 3D-Mapping show on the Motherland Monument, created for the Eurovision contest.

“We’ve created a fantastic show, we are really proud of it. We’re moving forward to yet another super-goal. Our Burj Khalifa 3D-Mapping show, in Dubai, will be presented every evening during the month of June, and we are inviting everyone to come and enjoy it! You will be amazed!”

Official video from Burj Khalifa from June 11, 2019 – https://www.facebook.com/BurjKhalifa/

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