19 May 2022

3D mapping for Eurovision


Vyshyvanka is a symbol of national identity for all Ukrainians. It’s our spiritual armour as we’re defending our freedom and dignity.

In honor of this, Magic Innovations want to share with you one of our enchanting cultural projects – a monumental 3D mapping to the Motherland, which is included in the Book of Records of Ukraine as the largest architectural mapping!

In Kyiv, during the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Magic Innovations team created a grand light show – a monument “dressed” in fourteen Ukrainian national costumes, with the help of high-tech technology. The show lasted for seven minutes and you could see it from almost every corner of the capital.

The best patterns and models of embroideries from each region of Ukraine were selected for the show, which conveyed the uniqueness and authenticity of our culture!

Together – we are one!

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