3d mapping decorations, Motion decorations, LED decorations, Interactive decorations, Video  installations, Screen productions

3d mapping decorations

The scenery is associated with the theater. But thanks to innovative LED technologies and projection decorations, they went far beyond the stage, covering a wider range of tasks to create a unique, visible, but not tangible world. The combination of sophisticated set design and 3D mapping is a successful mix widely used in the event industry and marketing. Many companies are convinced that the careful elaboration of the video scenery gives a more significant result than the use of only performers and a photo zone for the event. 3D mapping is the highlight of the evening, captivating with the play of light and audio.

Motion decorations

This cutting-edge technology is becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to create simply enchanting special effects in show programs of various directions and levels of complexity.

We have all the technical equipment and extensive experience in conducting such events, which allows us to provide our customers with a led light show of the highest quality. Our experts create impressive visual illusions with a led laser show and amazing paintings that change the geometry of space with the help of led wall show technique.

LED decorations

The projection design of the performance gives it visual depth and versatility. This is not within the power of any classical decision to design background or surroundings. An impressive visual effect, a sense of involvement, 1000 ready-made footage options and the creation of individual solutions – this is what you get in collaboration with 3D Magic Innovations. We have hundreds of projection decorations to order.

Our company will make a high-class led display show. With our high-tech equipment, you can realize all your ideas, combining the professional play of actors, musical and lighting special effects. Undoubtedly, such a synthesis of the art of different genres will highlight your spectacle against the background of others.

Interactive decorations

More and more often recently, an outdoor led light show is used in the of clips and films to enhance the spectacular effect. A well-designed service is the best suited as a background to create the right atmosphere for promotions. After all, the technology allows you to project the names of brands, logos, images of advertising products on a variety of surfaces of simple and complex shapes: walls, facades, trees, cars and the like. As you can see, the features of the technology in the future will further expand the scope of its application. In the meantime, we are inviting, together with a team of our professionals, to use its limitless possibilities now.

Video installations

Video installations are a form of video art that incredibly expands the boundaries of the visual image offered on the screen. The picture is released from the screen, fills its frame, combined with images floating in the air or hanging on the curtain. The video image no longer has a specific place and is placed in a specially created environment. A special space that exists in its own time. The scene is now located outside; what the screen used to show now is happening around us. A musical show, performance or report will be colorized with new shades – bright, memorable, going as the main or background theme of the performance. We offer to order video installations which will immediately bring marketing breakthrough.

 Screen productions

Exhibitions demonstrate the success of artists and craftsmen. But, as a rule, these are static objects that can tell little about themselves. But in combination with the scenery, they come to life, they are filled with deep meaning, help to better understand what the author wanted to convey to the audience.

Interactive stands and screens are designed to guide the visitor to the exhibition. Any content can be “poured” onto them:

  • scheme of movement from one exhibit to another,
  • descriptions of items on display,
  • ways of interaction, if provided by the project,
  • information for each exhibit.

The interactive screen is visual information that is perceived much easier due to the volume of images and the ability to interact with the menu. For work, additional equipment is not required – there are firmware and PC. You can run it remotely.